Air Duct Cleaning, Coating & Sealing

Air Duct Cleaning, Coating & Sealing

The Problem:

Builder construction dust turns into moldy ductwork during the first cooling season.  Local codes do not require permanently sealing tape seams, connections, or dust infiltration areas.  This is why we have upgraded over 11,000 duct systems.  We do not use damaging brushes or dangerous bio-cides.

How we fix it:

Construction dust is air washed from returns, air-handler components, & supply ducts.  We apply a mold inhibitor and permanently seal all tape seams, connections, and dust infiltration areas.


Dirty Return Duct/2 Year Old Home


Mold on Air Handler Components & Liner


1/2 Mold / 1/2 Cleaned & Coated


Ductwork Permanently Sealed with Mastic

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