Closed Cell Spray Foam

Crawlspace or Attic Upgrade
w/ Closed Cell Spray Foam

The Problem:

High power bills, moisture infiltration, musty smells, floor cupping, rat nesting, and attic entry.

How we fix it:


Insulation is removed, surface mold cleaned, leaks inspected, reported, and fixed.  Borate preventative bug treatments is recommended.  Closed Cell Foam is then applied to the sub-floor.


Insulation Falling Down


Mold on Sub-Floor


Closed Cell Foam on Sub-Flooring


All outside ventilation is sealed off, attic stuff covered, closed cell spray foam applied to roof deck. We do not offer Open Cell Foam because it absorbs heat vapor, is a poor insulator, and rats love it!


Roof with/without Spray Foam


Open Cell Foam Radiates Heat

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