Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the best time to clean your air ducts?

Proactive builders offer our service before the construction dust they leave turns into mold. When the air conditioner runs during the first cooling season construction dust turns into mold.

Can duct cleaning damage them and is my only option replacement?

We use only low velocity nozzles to clean the ducts, being careful not to damage them. Rotary brushes and EPA registered coatings are used while avoiding dangerous biocides.

Why do homes get so dusty?

It’s fiberglass infiltration through gaps that cause houses to get dusty. Local building codes do not require sealing in these areas. By sealing the gaps, we reduce dust by 90% – especially in newer homes with blown-in fiberglass insulation.

Can your services help with allergy symptoms?

Yes, we get so much feedback from customers that say their many of their allergies have been eliminated by removing the mold and fiberglass dust in their homes. We have local physicians who recommend us to inspect their patients’ homes if they have chronic problems.

How often should I clean my dryer vent?

It is recommended by the industry to clean dryer vents every 1-3 years for increased efficiency and to reduce dryer fires.

Why does your V-Kool window film work better than tented films and still remain clear?

V-Kool is better technology. Were tented films have to darken and heat up the glass to reduce heat, V-Kool clear film cuts 89% of heat and is rated best for fading. It does not absorb heat that causes glass failure issues.

Why do you only recommend Closed Cell Spray foam insulation in your clients’ homes?

We recommend Closed Cell Spray because it will not absorb moisture like a sponge! Rats don’t chew it, floors won’t cup, and it is a moisture barrier with a GREAT R-Value.