Healthy Certificate

Duct Cleaning & Air handler Components Cleaning
• Return Ducting: Post-construction dust removed from return boot boxes, flex ducting
and air handler return plenum box.
• Air Handler Components: Surface clean coil pan, fan (motor blades and housing).
• Drainlines: Jetted with water to remove hardened post-construction drywall dust.
• Supply Ducting: Drywall and flooring dust are removed.

Permanent Leakage Area Sealing—A Closed Loop System
• Ductboard Seams: Taped seams are permanently sealed with mastic (100+ year sealant).
Inaccessible bottom, back and branch take-off connections are sealed from inside assuring
closed looped system.
• Metal Branch Take Offs: Sealed where oversized holes are cut to fit connections.
• Return Boot Boxes: Gaps are sealed to eliminate attic infiltration.
• Supply Boot Boxes: Gaps at supply boot boxes in floor or drywal are sealed
to eliminate infiltrating dust and fiberglass (fixes a dusty home).
• Supply Vents: Washed to remove dust.

Upgrade Filtration
• Return Air filter Grills: Placed at cold air returns to hold electrostatic filters.
• Electrostatic Filters: Inefficient 7% throw away fiberglass filters are removed from leaky air handler filter racks. 99.7% electrostatic filters are placed into tight fitting return
air filter grill at the cold air returns. This upgrade and relocation of filter protects airhandler equipment and eliminates duct re-cleaning forever.
• Hog Hair Filters: A thick blue filter media that are placed at small returns in bedrooms to protect small returns from getting dirty.
• Filter At Air-handler: If there are to many cold air returns. Filters are placed at the unit so system does not starve for proper return air.

Benefits of a Healthy Home Upgrade

• Hog Hair Filters: • Increased Airflow:
• Equipment Extension • Reduced Power Bills
• Quieter System • Eliminates Duct Cleaning
• Healthier Home

Healthy Home Guarantee
All aspects of the job are performed by trained personnel using methods developed by the department of Energy, Princeton University and are personally guaranteed by Healthy Environments.