Our Services:

Air Duct Cleaning

Dusty Home?

Duct Condensation and Energy Loss

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Mold Removal

V-Kool Window Film

Storm and Security Protection Film


What we inspect for:

Air Duct System Cleaning & Sealing

  • Construction dust turns to mold – first cooling season

  • Air duct leaks – no local code requirements to permanently seal

  • Dust infiltration areas – it’s attic fiberglass (newer homes are worse)

  • Duct wrap condensation issues, past wear life, and critter damage

Dryer Vent Cleaning- Every 1-3 Years

  • Over 15,000 reported dryer fires yearly

  • Extends dryer life, less run time, power usage

Musty Smells,Surface & Structural mold Issues

  • Site areas assessed, water or heat vapor problems fixed

  • Damaged materials removed, cleaned and treated as needed

  • Build back and trade referral offered for job completion

Spray Foam Upgraded Crawlspace

  • Insulation removed, sub-flooring cleaned to remove mold

  • Termite bug treatment recommended

  • Closed cell spray foam applied

  • Stops moisture, mold, musty smells, floor cupping, & rat nesting

  • Lowers power bills forever

Attic Upgraded With Spray Foam

  • All outside infiltration areas sealed off

  • Keeps out heat, moisture, & rats while lowering electric bills forever

( We do not quote open cell foam as it absorbs heat vapor & rats love it)

Window Film Benefits & Options

  • V-Kool clear film cuts 89% heat & is the best rated film for fading

  • V-Kool does not absorb heat that causes glass failure

  • V-Kool clear film can be used in areas where tinted film is not allowed

  • Security film offered to protect glass from wind & storm damage

Free Evaluation & Inspection Report!


  • Since 1990 my wife Julie and I have provided service to over 14,000 of your neighbors.  We have always offered a free evaluation to establish the issue or upgrade a Client’s home.