V-Kool – The World’s Clearest Window Film

V-Kool – The Word’s Clearest Window Film

The Problem:

Window heat, fading issues, shiny/dark film that causes glass failure due to heat build-up.

How we fix it:

V-Kool clear film cuts window heat by 89% and is rated the best film to protect against fading.  It does not darken so it can be used where tented films are not allowed.


V-Kool Window Coating


V-Kool World’s Clearest Film

V-Kool is Your Ultimate Sun Barrier

The sun’s infrared heat streaming through your windows can cause inside temperatures to climb, driving up air conditioning costs. Dark window tint and reflective coatings affect the appearance of the window, and you may not want to detract from your view or the architectural integrity of your structure.
Finally, there’s a real solution – a window film that actually solves the visibility and appearance challenge while significantly reducing solar heat build-up.



Conserve Energy by Blocking Heat Without Losing the Light

When applied to your windows, V-KOOL forms a virtually transparent barrier that blocks up to 65% of the total heat. At the same time, this clear window film eliminates over 90% of the sun’s infrared rays while allowing up to 70% of the visible light to enter. That means less need for expensive air conditioning and electric lighting, making V-KOOL a great way to help control energy costs.
V-KOOL also screens out 99% of ultraviolet light that, in combination with infrared rays, causes material, furnishings and products to fade and can cause damage to the skin and eyes. Because it is not a tint, V-KOOL does not hinder your ability to see out at night.

Keep Cool. Cut Costs. Stay Clean. Keep it Visual

  • Important Solar Heat Protection and Energy Savings
  • Outstanding Clarity
  •  Superior Protection for Furnishings
  •  Valuable Safety Protection
V-KOOL is also available in a strong, shatter-resistant safety film. In addition to providing sun protection this safety film offers protection from shattered glass and helps prevent “smash-and grab” break-ins.




Cold Steel Window Films

Manufactured using a patented process, Cold Steel remains  virtually neutral in color while supplying excellent solar-energy  rejection and surprisingly low visible-light reflectance. It also  provides outstanding UV protection, blocking 99% of harmful  and damaging UVA and UVB radiation.
Cold Steel in available in 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% light  transmission with a water activated adhesive system. Several  Cold Steel films have also been modified for exterior (outdoor)  applications, with Pressure Sensitive adhesive and a special scratch-resistant coating.
Cold Steel: The clear solution to the sun and glare
  • Neutral shade for a natural appearance
  • High solar-energy rejection reduces heat buildup
  • Low reflectance improves view
  • 99% UV block reduces fading
78% glare reduction for greater comfort!

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