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What You See, What You Feel, And What’s Behind It

True mold removal gets to the source.


Here in our region, mold isn’t bashful. It hides in ductwork and under sheet rock sometimes, but often it’s right there in the open — at the corner of your tub, or around the a/c ducts or exhaust grilles in the ceiling.

Other times, it’s a musty feeling in a particular room, or part of a room. Some people say they sense the smell of mold, but often it’s just a background feeling, a damp sensation or a kind of heaviness in the air. Mold spores have been called the source of discomfort and even disease, so it’s not just unpleasantness that we’re eliminating when we do mold removal.

Get rid of the mold and fix the cause.

Superior’s Healthy Environments performs responsible, professional mold removal that begins by looking beneath the surface. Moisture is always the beginning of the problem, so we make it the first thing we look to solve.

Where’s the leak?

Water leaks and mold go hand-in-hand, so we’re experienced at finding them without tearing things apart. A persistent leak can be the beginning of black mold, a problem that’s been known to make people and pets quite sick.

When the source is all around us.

The very air in our region can be as strong a source of mold as any leak up north. What we call the “vapor drive,” the infiltration of heavy, humid air — comes from the outside-in during summer, and from the interior-out during the winter. Either way, the vapor drive finds a condensing surface, and often that can be as big as the very walls of your home.

If the problem is built-in.

Materials and building techniques have improved tremendously in the past 15 years or so. A lot of us live in homes that are older than that, and even in newer homes we often can’t be sure our builder used those materials and techniques in the way that’s best for your site. A vapor barrier in the wrong place, for example, can cause more problems than it prevents.

When there’s no doubt about it.

The best reason to call Superior’s Healthy Environments for mold removal is that our experience and know how leaves you with a feeling it’s hard to find anywhere else. Your mold is going to be gone, the cause is going to be found and remedied, and you’re going to know you’ve done best for your home and family.

Why wonder if you’ve corrected the source of the mold problem? Call Superior’s Healthy Environments and get the experts on it.

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