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When You Want The Light But Not The Heat

V-Kool window film from Superior Healthy Environments.


One of the places we can improve our heating and air conditioning efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality of life is hard to see. In fact, we usually look right through it. The windows that make our homes so enjoyable can be enlisted to save energy, cut costs, reduce wear on your furnishings and even protect your own skin — all while remaining invisible.

So much gets accomplished invisibly.

Let in the light.

We didn’t invent our Southern lifestyles to stay indoors. Windows are just picture frames for the outdoors, so we don’t see a lot of heavy curtains here. When you consider the other benefits of adding window film sun protection to you home, we can offer you some options that don’t tint or diminish that picture.

Block the heat.

The sun’s energy comes into your home as easily as you can look through a window. The angle those rays take makes it impossible for them to get out. The result? Glass is such a good passive heating element that greenhouses for centuries have used this secret to grow flowers and plants despite the weather outside. Think what the sun through your windows is doing to your energy bills when air conditioning season rolls around.

Halt the fading.

Ultraviolet radiation, coming virtually uninterrupted through untreated windows, fades carpets and furniture and can make your beautiful home look old before its time. Perhaps even more importantly, the health benefits of reducing your skin’s exposure to UV rays are well documented, and the reason we’re all learning to wear sunscreen nowadays when we’re going outdoors. Being protected from it in your favorite rooms is a really good idea, too.

See the savings every month.

By cutting the “greenhouse” effect of glass — its tendency to let in the sun’s energy but not to let it out — your window films from Superior’s Healthy Environments are another way we can help cut the cost of cooling your home.

Consider the safety.

Thankfully, V-Kool is available in a strong, shatter-resistant safety film. It delivers all the benefits of V-Kool, plus protects your home from shattered glass, or even break-ins. Ask about the patented Cold Steel window film, available with for different degrees for light transmission, from 20% to 70%. Like V-Kool, the Cold Steel window films eliminate 99% of UV radiation.

The best way to improve that beautiful picture of our environment you get from your window is to let Superior’s Healthy Environments install sun barrier window films. Give us a call today, and let’s see what they could mean for your home.

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